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If you'd like to own a Successful Specialty Salon without the years of wasted time and money spent on discovering what works, set up a consultation today and see if the Color Vanity business model is right for you! Trying to build a successful business, let alone a specialty service beauty salon, in today's market can be very difficult, especially considering all of the trial and error required to find what works. Figuring out the optimal design & layout of the salon, which vendors to choose from for your products, the overall infrastructure of your business, and learning how to comprehensively market your services and/or products to your target audience, can be very time consuming and more importantly, EXPENSIVE! With Color Vanity's PROVEN business model, you will save yourself from it all, and get right to what will surely be a highly profitable business! Set up your consultation today, and begin the journey of building a reputable, successful business the Color Vanity way! 

Color Vanity Training Center


Microblading and Lash Extension Certification Course

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In the very competitive world of beauty, it can be extremely difficult for a licensed cosmetologist to reach their desired income by just utilizing what they were taught in school. In order to do so today, an aspiring beauty professional MUST continue their education with the latest trends and services in the industry, and obtain the information and certifications needed to perform those services. If you are in fact that beauty professional, looking to take your career to the next level, and increase your earning potential substantially, visit our training website by clicking the logo below! The Specialty Certification Courses offered at Color Vanity are: Microblading, Eyelash Extensions, Damage Free Hair Extensions, Airbrush Makeup, Organic Airbrush Spray Tanning, Advanced Facial Training, and more!

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