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One of the only licensed facilities offering Microblading & Permanent Makeup professionally in Mahoning County, both certified in the art of Microblading and a licensed tattoo facility, regulated by the health board. 

  • ​Restore damaged brows, fill in missing hair with a natural hair stroke method, called Microblading in Youngstown OH. 
  • Quit having to fill in your brows or apply eyeliner daily! 
  • Create the eye brows you have always dreamed of & restore your brows to the best version they can be.
  • Enhance your eye daily with Permanent Eyeliner
  • Your Eye Brows will not look "Tattooed", fake or given an outdated look
  • The Permanent Makeup colors will be customized to match & compliment your skin tone
  • Insure the integrity of your Microblading or Permanent Makeup is not compromised by non-trained individuals. Work with our Permanent Makeup specialist in Youngstown OH, which is our main location & training center head quarters.
  • Have your brows professionally groomed & cared for by our Microblading specialist in Northeast Ohio.
  • Book your Microblading & Permanent Makeup consult at Color Vanity today 330-720-4827      .

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Microblading Q & A Yearly Touch Up Info!

Angela is on her 3rd yearly touch up! Watch and she and I discuss common concerns clients may have before starting the Microblading process! Also, we give valuable info inregards to how annual Microblading touch ups should be done!

Exciting Microblading Cases Today At Color Vanity!

Giving someone the perfect set of brows is always so exciting! In this video we give life to a talented photographer/ busy moms brows Check out GREENWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY ! Later in the video the 2nd Microblading case, shows how a little shape correction can go a long way in giving an individual perfect brows!  Microblading in Youngstown OH

Color Vanity is also an Advanced Beauty Training Academy! Offering Eevrything from Microblading certification, Lash Extension courses and more!

Check out this great video looking back on the past year of Microblading Certification Classes offered by Color Vanity Training from Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Youngstown!


Microblading at Color Vanity!

Color Vanity Microblading Before and After Video in Austintown OH

Color Vanity Microblading Before and After Video in Cortland OH


Previously Botched Brows Corrected with

Color Vanity Microblading in Poland OH

Microblading in Boardman OH & Permanent Makeup OH at Color Vanity!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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