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Fat freezing is the perfect companion to a healthy life style! Fat Freezing at Color Vanity is non surgical and tightens skin as it banishes fat. These results can last with proper maintenance.

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If you have stubborn fat that won't budge CVBL Fat freezing is the service for you! It is the perfect treatment to non surgically reduce fat and sculpt your body while tightening the skin!

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Sometimes the issue isn't fat, but loose skin. Cool Sculpting only addresses fat, and does nothing for skin texture or tonality. Cryo Sculpting can be used to tighten skin from weight loss, post-pregnancy, and aging.

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Over 80% of women suffer from Cellulite, and until now there hasn't been much of a solution. There are 3 types of cellulite and treatment methods need to be customized to the specific type of cellulite you may be facing. CVBL cellulite reduction does just that, this sculpting technique uses low temperatures to have a positive effect on the skin, and overall body condition as a whole.  CVBL Sculpting reduces fatty deposits by using extreme cold to constrict the blood vessels. It is a non-invasive treatment of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis.

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Areas that show age and are somtimes overlooked is the neck and chest, Sun damage and natural aging can leave theses areas loose and creapy. Minimize creapy skin naturally with CVBL Skin Tightening, 

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Botox and fillers are sometimes overly relied upon. Fine lines and texture issues can make a face appear older than smile or forehead lines, which are from natural facial movements. Rebuild your skins over all texture and tone while targeting stubborn lines and saggy skin all with our Red Carpet Facial Treatment.

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